November Services:


November 5th: Privilege – Worship Team

November 12th: God Talk – Rev. Bruce C. Taylor

Unitarian Universalism “works” because of shared values, rather than a fixed set of beliefs. But given our diverse theological perspectives, how shall we communicate? Words can divide us or bring us together. Today’s sermon probes the use of “God-talk”, its promise and pitfalls, to encourage an ongoing dialogue about what works for us (and what doesn’t) in speaking about spirituality and religious ideas.

November 19th: The Mindful Minority – Worship Team

November 26th: Polarity and Purpose – Rev. Bruce C. Taylor

Our Seven Principles describe essential values we agree on. Our covenant provides us a space for living them out – but how? With our different beliefs, emotional styles, and ideas about worship, shall we favor one approach over another? Attempt “balance” by splitting the difference? Toss them in a blender to create a spiritual smoothie? There may be a better way to frame the issue. Today’s sermon describes how to engage our differences in a dynamic way that can invigorate (and not debilitate) our fellowship.