September Services:


September 10th: Challenges Big and Small

First Service and Water Communion.  Please bring some water collected during the summer from a place that fed your soul and nurtured your spirit.  We will pool our collected waters, bless it and use it in our services throughout the year.

September 17th: Mountains and Rivers: An Ingathering Service

Ancients and sages, and mystics of all ages, have revered mountains and rivers. The one speaks of solitude, permanence and transcendence; the other of unity and a churning life-force. In the quest for meaning we confront mystery in both ways which, like the mountains and rivers themselves, create and shape each other.

        On these first two Sundays after Labor Day, September 10 and 17, we celebrate our coming together with a water ritual. Bringing water we’ve gathered from far and near, we pour it into a common vessel. In so doing this, we honor the ways in which our lives flow together, like individual streams, into the common life.

September 24th: The Social Contract

 Covenants govern human affairs in everyday life. What would the UUA’s recommended covenant for congregations look like, if it were applied to the American national discourse?