Exploring Unitarian Universalism

Exploring Unitarian Universalism for New and Long-time Members

People who are not familiar with Unitarian Universalism often ask, “What do you UUs believe?”  Some (think or) say “nothing” or “whatever you want” or “they’re too intellectual to believe anything”.   Sound familiar?  Ever hear maybe even yourself saying some of those things?  Do you have a “UU elevator speech”?

Unitarian Universalism has a rich history coming from many different traditions whether religious or humanist.  Isn’t it time to explore and look deeper into that history and those traditions which are important and life-affirming?

This week we are starting a series of discussions to explore some of these questions.  On Sunday November 12 we will have our first session after the service from 12:00- 1:30pm and led by Rev. Bruce Taylor.

Session Topics:

Nov 12: Theology and Worship

Dec 10: Historic Roots

Jan 28: Living into the Change: Practices of Religious Education and Social Justice

Feb TBD: Life of a Congregation and the Meaning of Membership

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