First Church operates in a free and democratic way with a Spring and Fall bi-annual meeting where members are elected into positions of leadership.

Parish Committee
The Parish Committee is the governing and policy making body of the church.

The Finance Committee
Members of this group with the Parish Committee attend to the management of the church finances. The elected Treasurer fills the position as committee chairperson.

The Endowment Committee
Members of this group monitor the invested resources of the Church

The Nominating Committee
Members of this group are elected at our fall bi-annual meeting and prepare a slate of candidates from members of the congregation interested in serving in an elected capacity. This slate is used to fill vacancies for expired terms of officers and members. The elected positions are Clerk, Collector, Treasurer, Parish Committee and Endowment Committee. This slate is voted on at our spring bi-annual congregational meeting.

Contacts for these committees can be found here