If this is your first time here or if you have been here since the beginning. We welcome you and we are truly glad you have come here today.

Our worship service and our faith community is enriched by your presence.

We are a community of seekers. We do not hold to any particular creed. We try to accept everyone as they are and also encourage everyone to grow spiritually.Graphic1

We don’t ask you to choose between science and religion; between your intellectual integrity and faith.

We hope that you will find here a safe and brave place to doubt, to ask questions and to tell the truth even when it is uncomfortable.

We offer no predetermined conclusions or simplistic answers to life’s tough questions.

We hope to create a safe and brave place where you can bring your whole self, without leaving your hearts and minds at the door.

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your spiritual journey we welcome you, we are glad and grateful you have come.