At First Church serving the greater Leominster community is part of our mission and our ministry.

Our Mission Statement reads:

We are an open and accepting community working for justice and equality for all through nurturing relationships and providing service to each other and in the greater community.

As part of our ministry, we support and welcome 12-Step Meetings to gather in our building.  We have many groups using this safe space for weekly and even daily meetings.  A list of those meetings can be found in the menu on the left of this page.

We also maintain a food pantry named the Grains and Greens Food Pantry.

We receive a variety of donations from the community, congregants and local stores and shops.  We are always in need of donations and especially goods that can be used without the need for a kitchen to prepare.  Many people who come to the pantry are unable to use a kitchen so we try to have a ready supply of ready foodstuffs to eat.

We maintain a Clothing Rack for new and clean, gently used clothing for anyone who needs them.  All donations are accepted and all clothing is given away free of charge.

Our Saturday Community Meal is free and open to anyone wishing to join us for food and companionship.  We are open for service from 1 pm to 3 pm every Saturday with the exception of Johnny Appleseed Festival Saturday.

One of the great things about being a downtown church in Leominster is that we are in a prime location for any city-wide activities that occur.  The Leominster City Summer and Winter Strolls and the great Johnny Appleseed Festival are fun activities that First Church take part in each year.