Some frequently asked questions our visitors and friends have asked us about Unitarian Universalism and about First Church Leominster Unitarian Universalist

We are currently updating our FAQ list.  If you would like to ask a question, please click HERE.


Q: What door do I use to enter the church?

A: The best door to use for the church is the door off the West St. parking lot, under the portico.  When you enter, you can go up the stairs to the left to the sanctuary or down the stairs and to the right for the church office.

Q: Why do Unitarian Universalist churches close in the summer?

A: It seems to be an age old tradition that the churches closed so that the congregation and ministers could go out and enjoy some rest and relaxation in the  summer and have time for personal reflection.  First Church Leominster honors the tradition for a summer break for these reasons and also because the santuary is a pretty hot place in the summer!

Q: I am getting married, can I use the church for my wedding?

A: Congratulations!  Of course, we’d be honored to be part of you special day.  Please contact our church administrator for more information about scheduling.  You can find some information about weddings at the church here.

Q: How can I reach the church office?

A: You can call 978 537-0310 or email  Our administrator will get back to you as soon as possible.