First Church is in its inaugural year as a lay-led congregation.

What is that you may ask? Here are some initial thoughts to set the stage.

A lay-led congregation is a congregation whose leadership comes from within. We currently do not have a professional minister as part of our leadership model. We are self-governing and minister to one another. However, that is not to say we do not involve ourselves with spiritual matters. We are, in fact, more spiritual than ever before. We experience different aspects and perspectives of spirituality. Each of our members and friends who join us for services each week brings with them their vision of spirituality and needs seeking to be fulfilled. We are as vibrant a congregation as you will find.

With a lay-led model, we have freedom of the congregation to seek, to ask questions and to experiment with “how church is done”. We are very eager to try different things to reach our human and spiritual potential and to explore questions about things greater than ourselves. We are dependent on each other and look forward to being part of something that we could not be on our own.

Come back to this page often as our description of our congregation is in a dynamic mode as we find ourselves moving forward.

If you have any questions or comments about lay-leadership, please contact us at