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Practices of Presence

What makes us human is the quality of our
encounters. Many of us live with divided attention: multi-tasking, running on
auto-pilot, living in the past or future. What would it be like to be fully
present to ourselves, to one another, to beauty, to the richness of the
everyday … read more.

Liberation & Resurrection

When we talk about liberation on Passover and resurrection on Easter, the stories are meant to lead us to a convicted heart, to change our direction toward wholeness and release. Earth Day joins to make this weekend a three-day festival of liberation, resurrection, and life. … read more.

Between Hosanna and Hallelujah

Between the Hosannas of Palm Sunday and the
Alleluias of Easter morning, there is life-or-death struggle – toward what
purpose? For too many people, the cross has served to justify suffering and
even sanctify violence. But Jesus proclaimed a gospel of love and non-violence,
both in the way he … read more.

Poetry as a Way In: Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver, one of America’s best-loved poets, passed away in January at the age of 83. Her poems have been read frequently in the context of Unitari-an Universalist worship. Today’s service celebrates Mary Oliver’s poetry and its continuing appeal to Unitarian Universalists.

Labyrinth Service

Our Labyrinth Service is a meditative one where we review the year just ending and look in anticipation for the one to come. We walk an indoor labyrinth and as we walk toward the center, we think of the old and no longer wanted parts of our lives, pausing in the center to release those thoughts and feelings. As we walk outward, we fill up our space with the thoughts of those good things to come that we invite into our lives.

The Night, Night Before Christmas

We are all aware of the Night Before Christmas from Clement C. Moore’s famous poem. But what happens on the Night, Night Before Christmas? Please join us for a warmhearted service for the holiday season.

Walking With You Is My Prayer

This faith community is more than a collection of people. It’s a religious body, created and sustained by covenant. Your covenant is more than a spoken formula. It’s your DNA, providing continuity from one generation to the next. Today’s service explores the nature and importance of a covenant for us as a UU congregation.

What Are We Waiting For?

Advent is the season of hope. As Mary was expecting her child, the people of Israel were waiting for a new leader to rise up, to put an end to oppression and usher in an era of peace. Today’s sermon considers this perennial hope and … read more.