Rev. Bruce C. Taylor

Easter, Passover and the Memory of Liberation

Easter and Passover draw attention to the connections between Christianity and Judaism, two faiths that represent a significant part of our Unitarian Universalist heritage. Today’s sermon considers liberation as a common thread that sustains faith communities in the present and fuels a powerful vision of … read more.

The Necessity of Friendship

The word ‘friend’ covers a multitude of meanings, ranging from a connection in social media (just a screen tap or mouse-click away) to a lifelong union of kindred souls. This Sunday, we consider the significance of friendship in its many forms, and how the virtues … read more.

Meeting Howard Thurman

Born in the segregated South, Howard Thurman lived out his vision of God as the power of love dwelling at the heart of life. In the process, he served as a spiritual mentor to gen-erations of social reformers, including the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, … read more.

Composting Experience

Chogyam Trungpa, the Buddhist teacher, wrote a pithy and some-times funny essay on the “manure of experience”. The events of our lives, all those moments we judge to be good or bad, all our successes and our failures, all this stuff, can provide rich nourishment … read more.

Beginning Again

On New Year’s Eve Sunday, members of our church took part in a labyrinth ritual to let go of unwanted life patterns and experiences, and give voice to aspirations for the new year. Now, on the first Sunday of this new year, we reflect on … read more.

Charles Dickens, Unitarian

When people think of Christmas, they often remember Charles Dickens and “A Christmas Carol”. Did you know that Dickens was a Unitarian? This Sunday, we will learn how Dickens’ experience of Unitarianism influenced his social conscience and views on human nature.

Polarity and Purpose

Our Seven Principles describe essential values we agree on. Our covenant provides us a space for living them out – but how? With our different beliefs, emotional styles, and ideas about worship, shall we favor one approach over another? Attempt “balance” by splitting the difference? … read more.

God Talk

Unitarian Universalism “works” because of shared values, rather than a fixed set of beliefs. But given our diverse theological perspectives, how shall we communicate? Words can divide us or bring us together. Today’s sermon probes the use of “God-talk”, its promise and pitfalls, to encourage … read more.