Speaker: Worship Team

Halloween Across Cultures

Join us for a Spirited look at how
the holiday we call Halloween came to be what it is! We will explore cultural
differences as well as some of the similarities we share across

Small but Mighty

What does it mean to be a Small but Mighty Congregation? Join us, and we’ll explore this concept together!

Our Fall Bi-annual Business meeting will occur after the Fellowship hour following the Service

Blessing of the Pets

This morning we will focus on the bonds we share with our beloved pets! For this service, your pets (as long as they will feel happy and behave) are welcome to come to church! If you don’t think your pet would enjoy attending, or if … read more.

Labyrinth Service

Our Labyrinth Service is a meditative one where we review the year just ending and look in anticipation for the one to come. We walk an indoor labyrinth and as we walk toward the center, we think of the old and no longer wanted parts of our lives, pausing in the center to release those thoughts and feelings. As we walk outward, we fill up our space with the thoughts of those good things to come that we invite into our lives.

The Night, Night Before Christmas

We are all aware of the Night Before Christmas from Clement C. Moore’s famous poem. But what happens on the Night, Night Before Christmas? Please join us for a warmhearted service for the holiday season.

Voices of Latinx Lives

Today we will listen to the words and music of Latinx people.  The First Church Leominster Spring Bi-annual Business Meeting will follow shortly after the end of the service.

We Believe ?

We all have things we believe in.  Today we’ll be exploring our individual beliefs within our Unitarian Universalist tradition.