December Services

December 30 Labyrinth Service

December 24 Christmas Eve Service  Lessons and Carols

December 23 The Night, Night Before Christmas  Worship Team

December 16  Walking With You Is My Prayer Rev. Bruce Taylor

This faith community is more than a collection of people. It’s a religious body, created and sustained by covenant. Your covenant is more than a spoken formula. It’s your DNA, providing continuity from one generation to the next. Today’s service explores the nature and importance of a covenant for us as a UU congregation.

December 9 Darkness in the Season of Light Worship Team

December 2  What Are We Waiting For? Rev. Bruce Taylor

Advent is the season of hope. As Mary was expecting her child, the people of Israel were waiting for a new leader to rise up, to put an end to oppression and usher in an era of peace. Today’s sermon considers this perennial hope and its deep connection to the holiday season.