May Services

We Believe ?

Sunday May 6 | 10:00am Worship Team

We all have things we believe in.  Today we’ll be exploring our individual beliefs within our Unitarian Universalist tradition.


What Does ‘Free Church’ Mean to You?

Sunday May 13 | 10:00am Rev. Bruce Taylor

Unitarian Universalism is part of a larger, free-church tradition. As such we are self-governing and self-supporting. What does it mean to be a free church? What is this free-dom to which we aspire, and how does it transform lives?


Voices of Latinx Lives

Sunday May 20 | 10:00am Worship Team

Today we will listen to the words and music of Latinx people.  The First Church Leominster Spring Bi-annual Business Meeting will follow shortly after the end of the service.


Tapping Into the Wisdom of Our Dreams

Sunday May 27 | 10:00am Rev. Bruce Taylor

For many centuries and in many cul-tures, dreams have served as a source of spiritual guidance and healing. What are dreams, what kind of truth do they contain, and how can we benefit from them in our waking life?